Shopping in My Closet


With every change in season comes a desire to refresh and replenish my wardrobe. As spring turned to summer this year, I began to jot down the things I thought I realllly needed:

  • Sandals: because flats and closed-toe shoes will make my feet smell worse than the Gowanus canal
  • Dresses for work: because it’s too hot to put on pants
  • Workout shorts: because I want to multi-task and tan my legs while working out
  • Tank tops: because sleeves invite sweat
  • Shorts: because it’s, like, summer?

I did buy a few things, namely, three tank tops, two pairs of shorts, and a pair of sandals in May. And then Spain and a couple of weddings happened and I had to curb all unnecessary spending. This ended up being a blessing because it forced me to dig deep into my closet and make do with what I had for the rest of the summer. Who knew that adding a cardigan or a scarf could end up making some of my more summery dresses appropriate for my office? And the second I spotted my boss wearing open toe, flat sandals to work, bam, I started wearing my own to work. Suddenly my personal wardrobe became adaptable for work. A new pair of workout shorts was high on my list, since my running shorts are a little ragged and nowhere near as cute as those Lululemon ones. But I run at 6:30 a.m., so who cares? 

I’m hoping I can carry this mindset with me as we slowly start to transition to fall. This will be difficult because fall clothes are my favorite. It almost makes me want to go straight to winter because everyone looks the same and miserable in their black puffer jackets and boots. Almost.



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