Up until now, it was kind of fun to do the end-of-the-month reflections to see what kind of progress I’ve made. But for March? I’m kind of embarrassed. I pretty much blew every single category in my budget except for rent. What happened? I lived. I did fun stuff! I traveled! I caught up with friends over brunch and dinner! I bought myself some spring clothes because I’m so damn tired of cold weather! 

Yes, living came at a cost but I think this was an atypical month. For example, I went to New Orleans for a friend’s bachelorette party. That’s not something I do regularly! Even though I spent a lot on booze and sugary fried food and appropriately-themed party decorations, I had such a good time and am so glad I went. I don’t get to see my California friends regularly and being able to spend an entire weekend with them was worth more than the cost of the entire trip.

As much as I want to say that I’m going to live a monk’s life in April and cut out everything unnecessary, I know that will just make me miserable. It sucks thinking about money all. the. damn. time. It’s exhausting. So for April, I’m going to spend less money on the boring stuff (snacks or lunch during the work week) so I won’t feel as guilty spending money on the fun stuff (new sandals and a great new nail polish color). 


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